Anyone who has had hardwood floors installed and refinished will know how difficult it is. It can be difficult to seal rooms from the rest of your house. You may have to leave Fluffy or Fido in the kennel while you do the work.


Today there is a new way of doing the job without any hassle and mess! It's Ealing Floor Sanding 's dustless sanding & refinishing process. Do not worry about moving to refinish your hardwood floors.

Your home will be as clean as the day we began it. Our machine collects dust even before it reaches the air.


How to Sand Floors when refinishing a floor, we use an emulsion sanding system that removes all dust immediately.

Our dust containment system removes dust from your home and puts it in the truck's containment unit outside. This keeps your home dust-free and 99.8% clean.

The homeowner doesn't need to close off rooms or cover furniture. Dust is not allowed to collect in your home. This makes it easier, quicker, and safer for all involved.

This ensures a cleaner end result, without any micro dust particles trapped during the finishing process. It is state-of the-art floor finishing.


No airborne dust particles
There are no asthma or allergy issues
You don't have to leave your home.
There is no need to kennel pets
Dust doesn't get into the ductwork, where it can remain for months and be re-circulated.
You don't need to seal your rooms with plastic sheeting
A perfect finish coat is possible in a dust-free environment


Our dustless system allows us to be more helpful during the refinishing of your vehicle and provide a better finish.

Don't put off having wood floors refinished.

You'll be able to have beautiful hardwood floors again in no time at all with our dustless refinishing.


It won't be necessary to take out sensitive electronic equipment.
You don't need to use harsh chemicals to remove the floor's finish.
You won't be able to sleep at night wondering how secure your home really is.
You don't need to close off the room from all the rest of your house.
Because they can be with you, your pets will feel less anxious.

We are happy to discuss with you our dust-free, environmentally friendly floor sanding process. The consultation is completely free and will provide all the information you need about how to make your floor look great.

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Browsing through interior design magazines, you might be tempted to consider laying a white flooring in your property. But there's something which may block you from doing so -- it's the thought about its maintenance. Nonetheless, in this guide we'll attempt to show pros and pitfalls of the flooring kind and reassure you that a white floor may not be as hard to wash and care for as you might think. White hardwood flooring look is a dream of many homeowners, particularly because it's versatile and very modern. It can be laid in all rooms and areas of your house and if you make the ideal choice you will not have to be worried that damage will occur in high traffic areas or that it will need special care or care.

Keep reading to get a small number of ideas and tips on the best way best to make the right decision, make your fantasies about a white flooring look come true and, at the exact same time, prevent stress associated with its maintenance.

Style of your flooring

First of all, pay attention to picking the right style of your floor. White wood floors are available in a whole selection of unique styles and options. That is perfect for someone who is looking for inspiration and new ideas. However, on the other hand, due to the wealth of available options you might have problems with finding the perfect one for you, particularly if you're choosing a white floor for the very first time.

The crucial aspect that has to be considered when choosing the right white wood flooring design for your apartment or house is the quantity of visitors from the give area.

Secondly, consider how naturally clean you would prefer the floor to be. If you are purchasing a floor to get a home in which you reside with your family, you've got kids and possibly pets, it'll definitely require taking different factors into account when selecting your white hardwood floors than if you are unmarried and live in a small apartment.

In high traffic areas and in interiors where there is a higher risk of dirt and dirt being brought directly indoors (for example by children or pets), always receive a white timber flooring style which will be suitable and on which dirt won't be that visible, even when you're utilized to removing it immediately. In this situation it would be a great idea to go to get a distressed wood floor that's obsolete or seems as though it was sun bleached.

Thanks to having this type of floor, you will save yourself the stress and effort placed in attempting to make the floor look clean -- on such a floor small stains, footprints or spillages are not as inclined to be more observable. Consistently take that into consideration when shopping for a floor.

Right flooring finish

The second major element you should definitely take under account is picking the finish that will fit

you. The two engineered and solid wood flooring can be found in many different finishes. On the one hand, you are spoilt for choice, but on the flip side, the choice isn't as easy as you might anticipate.

While purchasing a wood floor you always need to pay attention to choosing the proper finish for your house, no matter what shade you went for. But if you chose white wood flooring, you need to particularly focus on this facet and remember not to forget it.

In low traffic areas, a brushed and hardwax oiled white wood floor will fulfill your expectations, particularly if you're a nature lover. However , if you, for instance, reside in a family of 6, with kids, pets and frequent visitors, a lacquered finish will probably be a safer choice.

But, lacquered finish also involves the risk of scuffing and scratching. Consequently, you need to guarantee that the floor you chose is a high-quality product. It's always better to seek the advice of professionals who will recommend the proper finish for your own household.

If you are worried about maintenance, initially pick a white wood floor for low traffic areas only. If you're reading this guide and are still uncertain whether white wood flooring is the ideal option for you, then keep reading for more information that will help you make a conscious decision.

When it's your first time picking white wood flooring, initially have it fitted into rooms with less traffic. Install the white flooring that you've dreamt about for so long on your cosy bedroom or a dining room used only for special events -- in this way you will have the ability to assess whether it has been the right choice and whether you would like to have this kind of white floor set all over your house. It will enable you to take your time and examine the choice. Most likely, you are going to adore it and observe that it lives up to your expectations, but it is better if you see it for yourself and that's the ideal way to start.

How to protect it?
The next thing you might have thought about is how to ensure proper protection to your white wood floor. If you've already achieved a white hardwood flooring look that you really wanted, remember about shielding it the ideal way. Always apply the right cleaning methods and properly suited products. Moreover, ensure it's a well topped up finish and do whatever you can to avoid excessive dirt and grime accumulation, by cleansing it on a regular basis.

If a white wood floor is the choice to get a hall or another high traffic area, don't forget to buy proper indoor and outdoor doormats -- this way the grime and dust will be eliminated from the shoes and are not going to get indoors -- they will not damage the floor or make it appear cluttered. A more restrictive strategy will be to always take off shoes before entering the home, which will resolve most maintenance-related issues!


The Downsides to Dark Hardwood Flooring


When choosing hardwood floors, one of the first considerations for many people is color. The color choice often depends on your preference, the d├ęcor of your house and the tone that you would like to set for the area where hardwood flooring will be installed. Perhaps you're looking to create a warm and luxurious feel to an area and are considering dark hardwood flooring. While dark flooring is presently very stylish and popular, there are downsides to consider. Based upon your lifestyle, dark flooring may not be the ideal selection for you. Pets, children' high traffic areas, even the amount of time you are willing to spend cleaning your hardwood floors all play a role in the appearance of the floors.


Checks and cracks, a natural feature of wood, are magnified on dark floors, especially on those having a high gloss finish. In fact, all dust, dirt and damage is magnified on dark floors. At the same time, when sunlight strikes dark flooring at the ideal angle, even the smallest irregularity in the subfloor will be evident. If you genuinely have your heart set on dark flooring, consider going with a lower gloss finish to help decrease the look of any irregularities.


Small scratches and dents which don't penetrate the end of dark shiny floors are extremely noticeable and basically impossible to repair, aside from replacing the entire board. Repairs can be created if dents and scratches penetrate the finish, but the fixed area will typically have a lower gloss than the rest of the floor. Often, the fixed area will be equally as, if not more, noticeable than the harm was. Again, by choosing a low gloss finish, the visual appeal of dents and scratches will be minimized. Along with the attractiveness of dark flooring with a low gloss finish is that dents and scratches can usually be repaired with a stain marker.


Among the biggest problems with dark flooring is it will show every speck of dust, each piece of dirt
along with every dog hair. If you love your home to appear pristine, you'll be spending a lot more time cleaning darkish flooring than you'd with lighter coloured flooring. Even in the event that you don't mind the extra cleaning involved with dark flooring, the trend for homeowners would be to over clean the floors with hardwood flooring cleaner. This eventually leads to a build-up of cleaning residue, leaving a dull movie on the ground. Even the best hardwood flooring cleaners will leave residue if the floor is washed too often.

Hardwood flooring is a lifelong investment and consumers want to be happy with their final choice. Should you still prefer the look of dark flooring for your home, keep in mind the downsides and the ways to minimize these troubles.


Tips for Making Your Floors Stand Out

One of the best ways to create your house look more inviting is to add hardwood floors. These floors are so versatile you could use them almost everywhere inside your home. However, you might be wondering how to create the flooring themselves stand out. Below are some hints for doing that.

Get the Most out of Doorways

You probably don't think that the front entrance of your house could affect how your floors look. But the door and also the doorway do actually make a difference. You can leave the foyer as straightforward as possible to emphasize the look of the hardwood. When you have patterns on a hardwood flooring, the patterns are much more noticeable when they're left alone as the focus of attention.

Improve the Dining Room

Another good place to put patterned hardwood flooring is at the dining room. Instead of covering up
your hardwood floors with a rug, then create a patterned floor that meshes together with the furniture. That way, you won't remove from any of the aesthetic appeal and you're able to use a smaller rug which may still protect the flooring against scratches and dents. The dining room does not have to be the sole special room that gets a gorgeous hardwood flooring -- you can utilize hardwood flooring in game rooms, audio rooms, and exercise rooms.

Follow the Floors
Instead of relying on plain hardwood floors throughout the house, you may use unique patterns to help indicate which area you are going to walk into. Even something as simple as altering the direction that the boards are laid in can produce a more visually interesting appearance.

Hardwood Flooring Sanding from Ealing Floor Sanding

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3 Hardwood Floor Refinishing Tips for Pet Owners

Hardwood floors are a beautiful feature in any house. Whenever you have pets, however, they create maintaining your hardwood floor looking their finest a challenge. At Ealing Floor Sanding , we install and refinish hardwood floors for many people with pets, from Dachshunds to Dalmatians. The good thing is you can make some decisions that can help you keep your flooring looking great.

Pick a Lighter Stain

Choosing a lighter stain will help to hide any minor damage your pet can cause. It also hides the dirt and dust they tend to bring in from their outings more effectively. You could also consider getting a color that is relatively near your dog's fur to help hide that too!

Avoid Glossy Finishes

Even though a glossy finish could be tempting, pet owners must steer clear. Satin or matte will hide scratches or dings much better and they look great. While most of us tend to think that the scratches from the floor are from our pets, you might be surprised to know we do just as much harm ourselves. High heels, pebbles stuck in the treads of tennis shoes, and moving furniture can cause a great deal of the scratches and scratches from the flooring. Selecting lace or matte will keep your floors looking their best for much longer.

Trim People Toenails

Keeping your dog's nails trimmed will go a long way toward protecting your floors. Dogs must have their nails trimmed once every a couple of months. Use this easy rule of thumb -- if they click when they walk, it's time to get it done. Also, putting mats facing doors will also assist. The mats can accumulate dirt and small rocks that would otherwise scratch your timber floors.

Dustless Sanding Makes Wood Floor Refinishing Quick and Easy

Getting your floors refinished is easier than you think! With our newest BONA dustless system, There's no dust in your house. It blows up it as we sand and sends it to a containment unit out your house. You and your pets don't need to leave. The dustless system also means no plastic sheeting to section off chambers is needed, and there'll be no dust settling on your ventilation system to be recirculated later!




You have to reflect upon a lot of aspects before contemplating the best hardwood flooring for your house. The most popular types of floors people opt for is unfinished and finished wooden flooring.

Before buying the ideal kind of hardwood floors, you'll need to mark some noteworthy differences amongst the forms of unfinished hardwood flooring. Installing engineered hardwood floors gives you the advantage of keeping humidity from the ground. It can work a bit better than the solid flooring occasionally, but solid wood flooring also has the potential to last for a really long time.

Apart from picking unfinished hardwood flooring, you need to decide upon the kind of wood. A number of those very famous woods used for flooring purposes are ash, beech, birch, cherry, walnut, oak, merbau, walnut, jarrah and rosewood. It's crucial to pick the right kind of wood since you need to know how long the wood flooring will survive. This will give you a good idea of if the timber would need to be replaced.

The very best benefit of hardwood flooring is that it lets you design your home according to your own personality and taste. With unfinished wood comes the duty to maintaining it well. Avoid using commercial goods on unfinished flooring, as they're intended for finished floors only.


To restore the attractiveness of your hardwood floors it's important to keep it natural. This might be accomplished with the help of floor refinishing. To provide your house with a gorgeous floor, you need getting the thorough process of sanders and renovation techniques.

Wooden floors are well-known due to their many health benefits. No one wishes to get germs, dust mites and insects living in their environment. The dirt and germs are clogged inside the carpet or floors in your house. It's a really difficult job to eliminate those dust mites and allergens. What's more, you must understand that if the pad under the rugs or flooring is not cleaned for a long time, it can promote bacteria breeding. Your floor will appear shiny and tasteful with respect to the home decor.

This method of floor recoating is sustainable into the environment. It allows you to make use of the substances in your home and refurbish it for use in the future. You don't need to replace the flooring whilst cleaning it.

Wooden floors can last for a long time when maintained and cared for care. To attain this durability, then you have to put floor sanding into use.